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Restaurant Review: McDonald’s

For anyone in Glasgow who appreciates fine dining the Golden Arches is an absolute must visit. Secretly tucked away in just about every corner of Glasgow McDonald’s acts as a place of refuge for foodies the world over with their experimental and tasty menu.

From the moment you set foot in the door the service will be second to none as you will be greeted by a cold touch screen from which you can order your food with minimal human contact.

Best time to visit? I tend to visit this restaurant at around 17:00 in order to take full advantage of the A La Carte menu on offer. As far as ordering goes I tend to select the McGang Bang as my burger of choice. This rather cheekily named burger is comprised of a Big Mac and a McChicken Sandwich which together pack a medley of flavour that will blow your tits off.

Although the restaurant looks simple don’t be fooled by the fridges containing Fruit Shoots and Tropicana as there is more to the restaurant than meets the eye. Beneath the restaurant lies a world class wine cellar from which you can order only the finest French and Italian wine. Simply whisper “I’m loving it” to the waiter for secret access to the alcohol.

After knocking back some glasses of Merlot I will then move on to the dessert. At this stage in the evening you will want a light dessert so I tend to go for the Dairy Milk McFlurry. This dessert is an absolute treat using only the finest ingredients on offer. Presentation is also key as the dessert is delicately placed inside a Swarovski glass which is encrusted with blood diamonds from Sierra Leone. Therefore, with a dessert fit for a warlord you would be mad not to try it.

I tried my best to find faults in the restaurant but that’s not easy when you’re dining in an establishment with Michelin Stars. So long as you follow my advice you will not be let down when you dine in this restaurant.

5 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: McDonald’s

  1. Sounds to hip and esoteric a place to catch on-probably best to make the most of it before the big boys move in and push it out of town. How’s there coffee?

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    • As you would expect from such an establishment they have their own organic garden round back where the staff grow and hand pick the coffee beans. You can regularly hear hipsters say the words of Special Agent Dale Cooper “this is a damn fine cup of coffee”.

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      • No shit are we talking about a single estate brew here?
        I have also heard a rumour that Kurt Russell supplies all the beef from his ranch in Texas- hand reared and hand butchered by the man himself. Here’s hoping he gives up his day job to keep the burgers rolling


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