Rules regarding posting

Contributors Required! 

In order to help Gen Y become an influential hub of debate and discussion for millenials, we would love for people to send us content concerning anything that they feel passionate about. Initially your work will be posted as a guest review.  However, for those willing to write regularly for our site, we are happy to offer you a role as an author/admin so you can have complete autonomy over what you post.  Here are the steps we would like people to follow though. 

Step 1. Write an article

We accept anything providing that it does not actively promote extremism, sexism, homophobia and/or racism.  The mission statement of our blog is to challenge such issues through our content.

Step 2. Use a spell checker

This is optional but we would like people to use sites such as grammarly to spell-check their work before they publish it.

Step 3. Observe copyright legislation 

In order to not attract any legal issues we urge people to use the CC search engine for any images they wish to use.  Although the selection is not brilliant, there are usually a handful of pictures which will pertain to your article in each search.

Step 4. Send us your article!

Our contact details can be found here

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