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During PMQS this week Shadow Minister Tom Watson executed a sick dab in Parliament sending shockwaves through the chamber and the country. It is believed the dab comes as part of an attempt to make Labour more appealing to young people. Which has been sorely missing since the days of Blair who’s penchant for war put him in touch with 20 year old Call of Duty players everywhere.

Speaking after Parliament this evening Watson simply said; “It was lit.” when questioned if there were ulterior motives behind the move. Rumours have been rampant in the wake of the dab as it has been suggested the move may be part of a grand strategy to oust Jeremy Corbin as leader. Tom Watson has been viewed as a perfect replacement in the past two days as his approval ratings amongst young people have went through the roof.

In an exclusive interview with GenYBother Watson said; “The attention over the past two days has been unreal fam. We’re just kicking it on that front bench tryin’ to keep it real blud.” Speaking with Labour strategists after the interview it was revealed to us that Watson would be blasting Grime music and Vaping at PMQS next Wednesday.

Watson’s new bad boy image has not been universally welcomed however as Conservatives have shown their concern with the bold move. Speaking to one Conservative front bencher who chose not to be named they said; “The dab just caught us all off guard the other day. I just hope he doesn’t start wearing a hoody to PMQS because it would be far too intimidating for Theresa.”

With anticipation building ahead of the next PMQS we can only pray Watson gives another dench/ nang performance.

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