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** Breaking News ** Live Laugh Love sign voted the most tasteful interior design decoration of the last 10 years

Today Home Digest Magazine has taken the bold and innovative decision to name the Live Laugh Love sign a must have for anyone who owns a home which has left many readers scratching their heads. The editor of the magazine went so for as to call the decoration; “One of the most tasteful designs ever conceived and sure to inspire any home owner to enjoy their life”.The move by the magazine has exonerated the poor taste of basic bitches the world over who have now been emboldened to continue poorly decorating their home.

Reporting from the High Street today we asked shoppers to give us their view on the decision taken by Home Digest Magazine with one man saying; “Please don’t tell my wife that mate. We’ve bought enough pish already.” The shopper no doubt represents the many men on the high street desperately trying to prevent their wives from purchasing the innovative sign today.

Early reports have indicated that the High Street descended into handbags at dawn with women battering each other mercilessly for the coveted item. The death toll now sits at 69.

With many first wave Live Laugh Love owners now revelling in their “told you so” attitude from the comfort of their own home we are now left questioning our own taste or lack thereof. And more importantly whether we should still be friends with these twats.

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