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On renfield lane, not far from Glasgow Central station, lies a safe haven for hipsters. A place where men can grow their beards and women sport vintage clothing free from persecution and ridicule. This venue also provides such punters with a suitably offbeat menu, catering only to the saintly eating habits of vegetarians and vegans. As I’m looking to kick-off the food section of this blog, I’ve decided to give my thoughts on the food in this painfully cool eatery. So, with the knowledge that I am indeed a ‘foodie’ (surely everybody is), here is my review.

As I live with some veggies, I often get taken to restaurants catering to their interests.  Stereo is one of them. During my several visits I’ve tried a number different meals on their menu. For example, the Falafel Sandwich, Bean Quesadilla and the Nachos. Every time I’ve left the restaurant I’ve always been full due to the generous portions despite the menu being quite cheap for the sort of establishment would find in a gentrified area. But this does not necessarily mean that these meals have been of a high quality. The problem I have, you see, is the monotony of such dishes due to them essentially being a massive pile of stodge lacking dynamism in terms of flavour and aiming for quality over quantity to create the illusion that you’ve had a great meal. Take the last meal I had there which was the Falafel Sandwich.  This involved two huge sandwiches filled to the brim with copious amounts of  Hummous and Falafel with a side order of salad. Consequently, every meal feels like your own personal Man vs Food challenge where you have to eat your own body weight in food you know is bad but know you have to do it so as not to fail those around you (who, in this case, are contemptuous hipsters rather than mindless Americans drunk on shit television).

Perhaps the worst part of the menu is anything that involves Jackfruit. According to a variety of news outlets this is an ingredient which has taken the ‘foodie’ world by storm.  This fruit, which is usually grown in South and South-East Asia has achieved popularity  due its savoury properties providing it with the unique ability to taste like pulled pork; something which is a favourite of the meat-eating breed of hipster. Out of curiosity, my father, who is a vegetarian, tried the Jackfruit Quesadilla. Unfortunately he also felt that this new craze, like many things in life, is completely overrated. However, the worst was still to come the next day:

Indigestion as well as Diahhorea aside, Stereo is not the worst place in the world for just hanging out. This is due to its atmosphere being relatively relaxed and the range of artisanal beer and cider it has on offer. The venue also hosts a variety of events of different music which often actively promote creativity rather than exclusively relying on known quantities, a trait which should be admired. Just don’t go there expecting somewhere which will act as an antidote to the vast number of restaurants which do not cater to veggies and vegans.

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