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Tracks to help you make the most of Spotify (Part One)

For quite a while now I’ve failed to add anything new to any of the Spotify playlists I’ve compiled over the years. This could be that I’m a little too insular when it comes to my taste in the music, but I like to think that this is largely down to Spotify not providing suggestions which are actually tailored to my interests. This may have first world problem written all over it but I truly bore myself to death listening to the same stuff over and over again and, in turn, not making the most of the £10 a month I pay for unlimited access to the site. However, in order to try to find interesting new music I’ve decided to regularly provide a few tracks I enjoy for anybody else stuck in a rut. Feel free to provide some of your own songs in the comments section!

I am somebody • DJ Medhi feat. Chromeo
This infectiously catchy song by the late DJ Medhi mixes a funky French-House beat with painfully cool vocals from Canadian duo Chromeo. Although it’s been out for a while, this track always seems to feel fresh whenever I listen to it, with its uniqueness making it difficult to pinpoint the year in which it was produced. It’s also accompanied by a low-key but brilliant music video featuring a series of increasingly complicated handshakes between DJ Medhi himself and a friend.

Is she really going out with him? • Joe Jackson
On long car journeys when I was young my father always used to make a mix-tapes to alleviate the boredom. One song which was a staple of these was Is she really going out with him by Joe Jackson. This quickly became a favourite of mine due to its blend of sardonic humour and melancholy as the song hilariously documents his views regarding attractive women who date ugly men as well as wondering why, despite being unattractive, he isn’t so lucky. Fortunately this is not a parody song as it possesses an extremely satisfying bass riff as well as invariable but excellent guitar interventions to accompany the commentary. Not exactly a lothario myself I always identified with him in this song and feel as though it acts as an adequate antidote to the legions of attractive men in music who like to boast of their ability to attract the opposite sex in their music.

Lovesick • Mura Musa
This incredibly catchy house track blends steel drums with an infectious drum beat to create an anthem for sexual longing. Whilst being a dance floor filler this is also a song which could easily fit into an ‘easy listening’ playlist due to it’s soft and repetitive vocals having a relaxing, almost hypnotic feel to them. It’s also part of an excellent second LP from this group (someday somewhere) which is full of songs which tackle numerous aspects of the human condition in a simple but effective manner.

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